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Michael Wolfe

Director | Writer | Producer



Selected Works

Like love

Director/Producer/Story Writer

Feature | Anti-romantic-comedy | Post-Production | Coming 2019


LIKE LOVE is a vaguely romantic comedy about two best friends who are perfect for each other in every way, were it not for one very small problem: she’s not into him. Determined to preserve their friendship, Harper attempts to reciprocate Jackson’s affection in an epic quest to fall in love. Her home, sanity, and best friend are on the line, and all she has to do is love him back. After all, how hard could it be? Right?

Currently in post-production, LIKE LOVE was filmed in Boise, Idaho after a successful crowdfunding campaign that raised over $31K.



Short | Superhero/Family-drama | 18 min. 35 sec. | 2017

Watch the trailer:

Janet Jupiter is an ordinary young woman who has always lived in the shadow of Holly and Emily, her superhero mother and sister. Holly was Hour Lass, a superhero with a watch that could freeze time, Emily was her sidekick, and Janet was Janet. Super-heroism was never really her thing. Then Emily gets killed in action, Janet and Holly grow even further apart, each dealing with the grief in their own way. But when Holly begins to develop symptoms of Alzheimer's, Janet discovers she is the only one able to retire her mother before she becomes a danger to the very people she's trying to save.

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Short | Dark Comedy/Crime-drama | 10 min. 08 sec. | 2016

Harvey Bender is an unusual mob enforcer- he hates killing, so he tells jokes instead. For Harvey, his job is simply to silence you, and if he can make you laugh through a few bruises or talk things over a warm beverage, that's okay. Harvey's methodology is challenged when he has to silence Brian, a family-man who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This Party


Short | coming-of-age drama | 5 min. | 2015


Jordan met a nice girl at a party who wants to get with him, the only problem is he's still stuck on Megan, who lives in another state. It's up to the imaginary version of Megan to let him know he's an idiot.

letting go


Short | family drama | 4 min. 48 sec. | 2015


A mother deals with her only child leaving for college. 

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Born and raised in the suburbs of Kansas City, Kansas, Michael Wolfe spent his time fascinated with movies and television shows that transported him to unique worlds. In August 2018, he made his feature directorial debut with LIKE LOVE, for which he also produced and co-wrote the story. It is currently in post-production and awaiting festival release.

Michael has a B.F.A. in Film Production from Chapman University's Dodge College of Film & Media Arts, where he graduated a full year early in May 2017. He has worked in film and television development and production for several Hollywood companies, including Scott Rudin Productions, Groundswell Productions, Circle of Confusion, The Donners' Company, and Good Universe.

He is a Fulbright Semi-Finalist, Whovian, stand-up comedian wannabe, and passionate about environmental justice. When not directing, Michael freelances as an Assistant Director. He is also writing his first novel.